5 Common Speedometer Cluster Issues That Need Repair

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It can be extremely frustrating if your speedometer isn’t working correctly, but the problem can be compounded even more if there are other speedometer cluster issues as well. These issues may prevent you from seeing the correct fuel level or noticing warning lights or raised engine temperature. That’s why it’s important to have speedometer cluster repair as soon as you notice a problem. Here are 5 of the most common issues that may need to be addressed.


Blown Fuse

In some cases, the problem with the speedometer cluster is simply that a fuse has been blown. You can consult your owner’s manual and learn how to locate the right fuse and see if replacing the fuse solves the problem. Or you may choose to have a professional do it to make sure the voltage is adequate and that it’s properly grounded.

Electrical Issues

If you change the fuse and it fixes the problem but then blows again right away, there are other electrical issues that need to be addressed. These may be due to a short in the electrical system or a problem with the wiring harness. A technician can make sure the unit is grounded or identify any other electrical problems.


Lighting Problems

If the instrument panel won’t light up, you may simply have accidentally turned the dimmer switch down too far. The problem may also be due to a bad headlamp switch. Fortunately, lighting problems are generally an easy and inexpensive fix. You can easily identify this as the problem when you first start your car and it goes through a quick test when all the displays and warning light turn on for a few seconds. If you notice dark spots, a bulb needs to be replaced.

Erratic Gauges

Erratic gauges may indicate that a sensor has malfunctioned somewhere. If only one gauge seems to be affected there is probably a problem with a sensor or with its wiring. There may also be an issue with the sending unit.

Incorrect Mileage

Sometimes, speedometer calibration is necessary if an electrical problem with the speedometer cluster has caused incorrect mileage to be displayed. Mileage correction is illegal for any purpose other than correcting an inaccurate display due to speedometer malfunction.

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