Airbag Module Reset Services and How to Find them

Steering wheel with SRS Airbag label

If you’ve been in an automobile accident, there are several things you need to do to get your vehicle back on the road. Whether or not your airbag deployed, you should still have it inspected and reset by a trained repair technician. What’s an airbag control module reset and how do you find trained repair providers? Keep reading and learn more from the professionals at MyAirbags.

Module Reset Services

The airbags inside your car are controlled by a device called an airbag control module. This device detects when an impact has occurred and triggers the deployment of the airbag. When you’re involved in an accident, a code is registered on the device. Even if your accident didn’t result in airbag deployment, a code is still registered. Module reset services restore this device to factory condition by clearing the codes so the device can be used again.

When You Need Reset Services

You need to reset your airbag control modules after a major accident that resulted in airbag deployment. If you haven’t been in a major accident but the airbag light in your vehicle is on, it could be a malfunction with the device itself. In that case, you should have the module inspected by a trained repair technician as soon as possible. When you take your car to an auto body shop, they typically just replace this device, but it’s actually more cost effective to have it reset and restored to factory condition.

Discover Quality Reset Services at My Airbags

Armed with these tips from MyAirbags, you’re sure to save money on airbag module repair and other collision-related costs. For all your airbag repair and replacement costs, MyAirbags can help put your situation right with the proper equipment and the best in service. MyAirbags will help solve your airbag issues, identify your root concerns, and guide you towards the products and services that will ensure your safety while making sure that your vehicle is meeting all safety standards.