With the many lights that make up the dashboard of your vehicle, it can be quite easy to ignore an airbag light that is on. While an airbag light could mean nothing other than a minor glitch, it could also mean that, in the event of an accident, your airbags may not deploy. Therefore, airbag lights [...]

Since the seat belt pretensioner may be the most significant component of your vehicle in regards to safety, it is important to have somewhat of an understanding of this life saving device. A seat belt pretensioner is a part of the seat belt system that locks the seatbelt in place in the event of a [...]

A seat belt’s primary purpose is to prevent serious injury or death in the event that a vehicle is involved in a crash. Therefore, it seems essential for individuals to know when exactly their vehicle may need a seat belt replacement. The truth is that even the slightest bit of damage or wear and [...]

What You Should Know Hyundai Motor America (Hyundai) issued a second recall in 2017 of roughly 444,000 family sedans, due to faulty seat belt linkages in the front seats, which can result in a failure to restrain car passengers in the event of a collision. Although Hyundai states that there has [...]