A properly working climate control module is something most people take for granted.  When you select A/C you expect the vehicle to start blowing cool air, not hot air.  When you select heated air for your feet, you do not expect the air to blow on the windshield.  When you check the outside [...]

Auto repairs can be frustrating. With expensive parts, dealership labor costs and time-intensive wait periods, simple is not a word often associated with vehicle repairs. MyAirbags changes that with simple, easy-to-follow auto part repairs and installations. How MyAirbags' Auto Part Repair [...]

Everyone knows how important it is to wear a seatbelt. What some people may not know is that a frayed or worn seat belt is significantly less effective than a normal seat belt. Have your defective seat belts and seat belt tensioners repaired by the experts at MyAirbags, and rest easy that you’ll [...]