At MyAirbags, we know that it’s important to ask the right questions before any kind of car service. We encourage our local and national customers to ask questions and understand how our IPC certified technicians can repair and re-manufacture their defective auto electronics.

While these FAQs are meant to be helpful, you may not find all the answers that you need here. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the team at MyAirbags at (678) 778-8890 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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FAQs about MyAirbags

How long does MyAirbags take for repairs?

MyAirbags can complete repairs on almost every auto part within 24 hours; however, some ABS modules may require 2 – 4 days for repair. These items are clearly marked on their individual pages.

I'm mailing my defective auto part in; what do I need to include in the box?

Along with the defective auto part, you should also include a copy of your repair request confirmation. In addition, please include a piece of paper that lists your name, phone number, return address, car year, make and model, and your payment. Start your order today!

FAQs about Airbag Module Repair

Why is my airbag light on?

Your airbag light may be on after you’ve been in an accident and your airbags deployed. At MyAirbags, we can reset your airbag control computer module to its original working order with no further programming needed. Start your order today!

What do I need to replace after my airbags deploy?

After the airbags deploy, you will need to replace your airbags and reprogram (or replace) the airbag module. Our technicians reset airbag modules to factory settings. Start your order today!

FAQs about Seat Belt Repair

Why is my seat belt locked after an accident?

  1. Seat belt pretensioners contain a pyro sensor that is fired and lock and keep you in your seat in the event of a crash. Seat belts will need to be replaced or rebuilt. We do rebuild seat belts. Start your order today!
  2. If your vehicle was not in an accident and you are installing a new or replacement seat belt, then see this video:

Can you fix ripped or chewed seat belts?

Yes, we do rebuild all seat belt pretensioners, including seatbelt webbing repairs. Start your order today!

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