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Glen Likenew
16:48 08 Aug 17
For many years these guys have been our go to source for modules and seat belt repairs. It not surprising how they have grown from the small in home company. Great customer service and commitment to quality. Very knowledgeable staff. Give them a try and I'm sure you will agree.
Ronald Ford
01:36 11 Jul 17
Wow, what a great service they provide and with a quick turnaround just as described, I have found they a real person answers the phone that is knowledgeable about their business and speaks english which is a great plus in my book. I have found them honest and reasonable on both resetting my modules and repairing seat belts. I will absolutely use the again.
Kt T
23:59 10 Jul 17
Fast and professional services - Beginning with the advise on how to locate the unit by the knowledgeable customer service, I was guided through the entire process. I was informed via email on all the stages from receiving, processing, and shipping back. My airbag system now works perfectly. I would recommend MyAirbags to all other whom are looking for fast and reliable services from the professional team members.
gary oliver
18:34 10 Jul 17
found them on ebay they had perfect reviews. that's why I chose them. there communication was the best told me how and where to send it and let me know when they received it, let me know when it was repaired and when they shipped it back. the whole thing took 5 days from the time I mailed it to my having it back. worked great with no issues and I will use them again
Gordon Lee
17:41 05 Jul 17
I found MyAirbags on eBay for repair my Bosch 5.3 ABS module for my Audi A4. First, I brought their exchange service. Their description indicated will ship the repaired core unit to me and after I received the repaired one. I need to ship my faulty one to them as exchange then I will get refund. However, on the second day I placed order, they phoned me and informed this item was out of stock. Then I choose the other service, I sent the faulty ABS unit to them and they declared they will ship out the repaired unit within 24hr after they received the unit I sent. At the beginning, I have some doubt on the promise but I think even they send it back within 3 days will be great for me. The result is awesome, they really did it. Within 24 hours, they tested and repaired the unit and send it out by almost midnight. I have installed the repaired unit now and it works well. My ABS light is out and I am really appreciate their good service.
Bill Murren
23:03 28 Jun 17
I had a bad tachometer servo in my 2005 GMC Envoy's instrument cluster. I also had several bulbs in the cluster burned out. I found MyAirbags on eBay and sent the cluster to them for repair and calibration which I thought was a great service to offer as well as an LED lighting upgrade. The price was great and the service was fast as I had it back within the week that I sent it to them. I also have to make very positive mention of the customer service on the phone. They were knowledgeable and courteous. I installed it the day it arrived and it has worked flawlessly ever since.
Jose Salcido
14:16 26 Jun 17
I have been using this company since 2007 for all my vehicle repairs. I have never had a problem with them and their service is excellent. Quick turn around, just replace all of your deployed airbags, sensors, seat belts, and install the reseted module and it works right the first time. The last one I had done was for a 2013 Chevy Impala a month ago, and it worked just right. I highly recommend this company.
Scott Rees
01:56 24 Jun 17
I was told by many, including the dealer, that my SDS airbag module must be replaced and then programmed back to my vehicle. This would have been another hundred on top of the 400 for a new module. Instead I sent MyAirbags my module. Within the week, it was returned and I installed it. Since it went right back into the SAME car, no dealer trip was necessary! Best 50 bucks I ever spent! Great communication too.
Jeff Schneider
13:22 20 Jun 17
I was told by my service tech that there were many issues with my car and I would need to go to a Toyota dealer. I found on ebay and gave them a shot. They have excellent communication and returned my computer very quickly. They really know their stuff and seem to have been doing this type of work for a long time.
Jess C
16:30 13 Jun 17
Were great received my parts fast and fixed them and sent back fast.... Until I had to send a cluster back my customer paid for shipping to send it there that's completely understandable but then get a email saying I need to pay for it. I called in and yes it was "fixed in November" and I was just able to send back in June, could not take the customers vehicle from them when they needed it and they did not feel comfortable driving with no cluster in the vehicle. Only one thing was fixed on the cluster one message would not go away that was the original complaint and now I have to pay shipping for them to mail it back to me if I do not pay there $18.00 they will not ship it back to me. Now when I ask I just payed $11.15 to ship to you why so much? "That's our shipping cost" so Warning if you want to use your "LIFETIME WARRANTY" you will pay to ship it to and from and no matter how much you payed you will pay $18.00 to ship it back to you! They did email later on and refund me my money back for shipping.


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