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Mateusz Spyrka
16:31 17 Oct 17
I have sent out 3 modules to this company at the new and old location and have had absoluetly no problems. Its been a great experience and they get there stuff done and get it back very quickly just like promised so if you need your airbag reset. send it to them.
Andrew Rodriguez
14:01 16 Oct 17
I have used MyAirbags about 4 times now and they have always been very professional and their services have saved me a lot of money. They got the job done right the first time and with a very quick turn around time usually less than a week. I will continue to use them whenever the need arrives and I personally recommend them to anyone looking to save money and still get quality service.
Joseph Grace
18:36 14 Oct 17
First of all is communication was great. When I called them with questions about my module they new exactly what I was describing and had the answers I needed. I sent my abs module to them and they fixed it and sent it back to me within one week. It has been six months and so far everything is great. Good service is a must for me. I would certainly recommend MyAirbags and their service to anyone I know having abs problems.
Jeff Trammel
22:22 12 Oct 17
Prompt communication the day my package arrived to them. I was shocked when my unit was repaired and sent back out the same day! This is the 3rd or 4th time I've used them and they are fantastic. Always have great communication and very prompt service and turn around. I would highly recommend them.
13:36 12 Oct 17
Good job. Part just installed (ABS controller). Working fine. $119 was a good price. $18 for S&H + 3 for insurance is a little steep. I paid less than $9 for same to send. Thumbs up 4 1/2 🌟
Jeff Andersen
11:55 10 Oct 17
There were some shipping restrictions, as I live in Canada. They told me what those restrictions were, so I knew up front. My SRS computer was repaired as well the drivers seatbelt. Both done correctly and very cost effectively. Repairs were completed very promptly.
peter upfield
11:56 03 Oct 17
Very helpful in the phone. Very fast service. Very good price. Fixed my ABS controller and I had it back four days after I sent it.
Jake Dellar
00:45 25 Sep 17
It was a seamless transaction, I played sent my items, they fixed them and sent them back. Would have been 5 stars, but did not like that they never told me what they fixed in detail. I played in advance for the services I thought was wrong, but they never said that was in fact what was wrong.
Jeff Moore
14:23 18 Sep 17
Turn around time was great price was good. Guage cluster almost perfect. Almost because now my fuel guage only reads 7/8 of a tank when completely full. I can assume that its 1/8 of through the entire range and it worked fine before. Sure is nice to have everything else working properly though.
Steve Redinger
18:29 13 Sep 17
Everything worked fine after repair, with the exception of one little thing. The LED brightness during the day is dimmer now, but the gauges work fine and appear to be tuned perfectly. Nighttime brightness seems normal. Photos were sent of damage received during shipping, but when I received the console back after repair I could not find any damage. Save me $300 not having to replace the part and another $300 for labor, which is what I was quoted by auto repair shop. Big savings.


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