Is Speedometer Calibration Necessary?

MyAirbags Speedometer Calibration

Automobiles require a number of different maintenance needs, and the upkeep on a vehicle can sometimes feel like quite the chore. Of course, some maintenance issues will be more dire than others, and it’s understandable that people prioritize some concerns over others. With that in mind, some people may consider speedometer calibration something that’s simply a non-issue or of such little need that it gets brushed aside for more pressing problems. However, it shouldn’t be something that you dismiss so easily. Keep reading for information on why speedometer calibration may be necessary, and you could be able to save yourself quite the headache.

Speedometer Function

Your speedometer should ideally give you a reading or your actual speed. When initially manufactured, your car would have been thoroughly tested, and that includes your speedometer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it will continue giving you a reliable and accurate gauge of your driving speed. It may read higher than you’re actually traveling, or it could show you a lower speed instead. As you know, if your speedometer simply isn’t working at all, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Not only will that be aggravating while you’re driving, but if you were to be pulled over and ticketed, having a non-functioning speedometer won’t be a viable defense. You are required to keep your automobile in working order, so negligence and neglect are not going to help your case. However, proving that your speedometer was showing a lower speed than the speed at which you were actually traveling could help you in court. After all, you would have believed you were traveling 5 or even 10 mph slower than you really were. That could make the difference between reckless driving and a standard speeding ticket. You may even be able to get that reduced to defective equipment, which is a non-moving violation.

So, is speedometer calibration necessary? Well, it’s certainly recommended, and there are both legal and practical reasons for why it would be very beneficial. Having your speedometer checked may wind up surprising you. Inaccurate speedometers are more common than most people believe, and they can exacerbate problems and frustrations with your day-to-day driving and commute. At a bare minimum, it’s something that you should keep in mind.

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