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quoteI removed and priority mailed my 2001 Jimmy ABS Module on a Thursday night – On Monday morning I got an email saying they received. That same afternoon, another email with return shipping info – FedEx with tracking. Received Wednesday and installed. Have driven 4 ignition cycles, over 80 miles with no light. Outstanding – they were prompt, communicated well and so far fixed.

Bob |

The ABS module was determined to be the problem in my 2001 Ford Windstar. A family member ran a scope on it. It was an older one- and could not read all the information like the expensive ones. However, it gave me enough info to research from there. The symptoms it was having made me 99.9% sure it was the ABS module. So I started researching the web for options. I came across MyAirbags on Ebay. Their rating was high and I liked the fact you used the original so there was no issues in having it fit. The removal & installation was done by my nephew, a mechanic. The computer does need to be reset after installation. The minute I started it both the ABS light and the brake light warnings were gone, Would highly recommend this company.

BeeJay |

This company is awesome! I was recently working on a car that had been in an accident. After replacing a self-destructing seat belt unit and buckle, I found out the SRS module locks up.  The “stealership” wanted $200 for a replacement SRS module and another $180 to calibrate the new module. I sent the old module to MyAirbags and four days later I had a fully functional module back in my hands.  They charged me $49 plus $10 in shipping. This company reset my old module and preserved its original configuration saving me over $300!  It was quick, convenient and easy!

Todd S. |

This has been the best experience. Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant to use an online repair service and didn’t quit know what to expect but you guys have exceeded the best that I could have hoped for. You provide a great service at an unbeatable price. Great job guys. I’ll definitely be spreading the word! Thanks!!!!

Lewis G. | Google Reviews

I got my ABS light back and still staying on. I told their technical support for help and they walked me step by step. Greatest team ever.

Richard P. | Google Reviews

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