This past June of 2018, Kia Motors America issued a recall due to airbag issues, in which over 500,000 vehicles were recalled. More specifically, the airbag malfunction was due to a problem in the airbag control unit (ACU), which could lead to frontal airbags and set belt pre-tensioners to not [...]

Whether your vehicle is undergoing repairs for a broken windshield or a disconnected battery, ensuring that your vehicle goes through a pre- and post-repair scan is crucial. In fact, it is now mandatory for body shops to include this scanning as a fundamental step in a vehicle repair process. This [...]

A vehicle’s various safety features and functions can leave many wondering how exactly the SRS Airbag System works? One of the common question is whether or not the seat belt tensioners can go off if they airbags have not deployed. To better understand this question, it is important to first know [...]

It is commonly known that a vehicle’s airbag system is designed to protect passengers in the event of an accident. What many are unaware of is that airbag deployment differs depending on what kind of vehicle is involved, as well as what the nature of the accident is. The vehicle component that is [...]