DTC Code: C0265 – ABS EBCM Light On

MyAirbags ABS Code C0265 C0267 C0268

ABS Light On with Code: C0265, C0267, C0268

The ABS EBCM anti-lock brake module is failing and causing problems with the ABS pump running constantly, also will drain your battery.

  1. Remove the ABS fuse to prevent ABS motor burn out.
  2. You can still drive your vehicle with the module removed.
  3. We recommend covering the exposed surface of the hydraulic control unit with aluminum foil to keep out water and dirt.

We provide Repair and Return service of your existing ABS Brake Control Module. You will need to remove and send your module to us for repair.

Common Failures:

  • ABS Pump Always Running
  • Codes: C0265, C0267, C0268
  • Pump Motor Circuit trouble code
  • Power Relay trouble code
  • Valve Relay Trouble code
  • Dump Valves (solenoids) trouble codes
  • No Communication
  • Intermediate power loss


Part Location: Under Front Driver Door on Chassis

MyAirbags Can Help

Our services are an alternative to dealership expensive part replacement. We do more then just just repair the part. We go to the root of the problem and use new upgraded parts to ensure the issue does not return. We will restore your malfunctioning ABS Anti-Lock Brake Control Module and return it back to you. Our service is 100% guaranteed or money back.

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