Engine Control Unit Repairs: ECU FAQ’s

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Your vehicle’s ECU, or Engine Control Unit, monitors the different components of the engine and alerts you if something isn’t working properly. If your vehicle’s ECU is faulty, it can prevent your engine from functioning as it should, and cause a host of other problems. MyAirbags technicians can expertly restore an engine’s functionality and prevent future problems by repairing ECU, ECM, PCM, and FICM units. (These units are all same but have different names: ECM = Engine Control Module; PCM = Power Control Module; FICM = Fuel Injector Control Module)

Our ECU repair services extend to both local Atlanta customers and nationwide customers through our mail-in service. Read below for some frequently asked questions regarding ECU repair services at MyAirbags.

Common ECU Problems

  • “Check Engine” Light On
  • Vehicle Is Slow to Start
  • Engine Stalls
  • Engine Misfires
  • Rough, High, or Erratic Idle
  • Significant Drop in Fuel Economy
  • Erratic or Hard Transmission Shifts
  • Transmission slips any gear, but mostly from 2nd to 3rd gear
  • Car Starts in 3rd gear and/or Doesn’t Shift

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the symptoms of a failing ECU. Call our experts at MyAirbags to learn more, or if you think your ECU, ECM, FICM or PCM might be malfunctioning.

Common Causes of ECU Issues

  • Improper Jumpstart Causing Sparked Voltage to ECU
  • Jumpstarting Vehicle with Faulty Cables
  • Improper ECU Ground
  • Dead or Faulty Battery Cell
  • Blown Fuse
  • Faulty Starter
  • Faulty Injector or ECM Wiring Harness
  • Overheated ECU

Signs Your ECU is Malfunctioning

When your vehicle’s ECU senses a problem in the engine, it delivers a signal via an ECU fault code, which turns on the check engine light. This ECU fault code provides information about what the problem might be.

Common ECU Fault Codes & Repairs

While there are innumerable OBD or DTC fault or Trouble Codes, there are specific codes for ECM faults.  Each of these DTC or fault codes are specific to a vehicles make, model, and year. While the technicians at MyAirbags are able to repair most issues for most vehicles, there are some vehicles and issues that are included. Make sure you contact us or check our website to ensure your part and issue can be fixed by our highly-trained staff. The list of available repairs is constantly growing.

Our workshop specializes in refurbishing and repairing a variety of vehicles’ ECU issues. Call MyAirbags today at 888-779-9029 to find out more about our timely and cost-effective ECU repair service.