The Power of Recycling

New, Used, or Reused

Which method is right for your vehicle repairs?

MyAirbags Offers Airbag Module Resets and More

When a part of your vehicle wears out or breaks down, it will fall on you to make the best choice for how to get everything fixed. You have a range of choices for how to proceed, including a new replacement for your current part, a used replacement, or repair services. When it comes to specialty components such as airbag module resets, seat belt repairs, and headrest sensor repairs, it’s important to find the right source for guaranteed repairs.

MyAirbags was started in 2006 to provide post-collision airbag resets and more to customers in need, saving customers hundreds of dollars while also reducing the waste placed in our landfills. Our eco-friendly solutions are here to make fixing your vehicle a breeze!

Eco-Friendly Results

In today’s recycle-first society, we are all looking for the most effective means of making the most out of our limited resources. In order to achieve the best results, designers and builders strive to maintain the longevity of the product as much as possible. The longer an original item lasts, the longer you can go without using additional resources, the better your return will be. Recycling is one effective way to reuse existing materials, but keep in mind that additional resources will be needed to get the job done!

Most professionals rely on the mantra repair, reuse, reuse to get the very most out of their products before resorting to recycling. This helps to create the most sustainable solutions for consumers while also reducing the demands on recycling entities.

Achieve the Best Results With Our Repair Services

MyAirbags offers effective alternatives to expensive dealership repairs. With our services, you can achieve complete peace of mind:

  • Simple removal and shipping instructions

  • Fast turnaround times on all repairs

  • Complete repairs and testing to ensure a lasting fix

  • Affordable compared to dealership replacements

  • Minimizes product waste

  • Can save you hundreds of dollars

Our Part Repair Process

  • Check for communication errors

  • Visual inspection for damages

  • Go over the symptoms and codes checked off by you during checkout

  • Perform comprehensive diagnostics

  • Rebuild and replace faulty parts

  • Test and upgrade any additional failures

  • Assembly and testing to ensure success before shipping back to you

The Advantages of Repairs With MyAirbags

  • New parts can prove to be helpful in resolving your specific problem, but keep in mind that you may be on the hook for the price of a full replacement. New car parts also have the potential to fail out of the box, leaving you stranded.

  • Used parts are a cost-effective solution to replacing broken components, but these parts will also likely need to be reprogrammed to fit your vehicle VIN. You may also end up with the wrong part, as each component needs to be the exact fit for each vehicle. Another issue is consistency, with used car parts often coming with a 30-day warranty. If your part malfunctions at 60 days, you may be right back where you started!

  • Repaired parts are the best fit for nearly every driver’s need. When you send in your airbag module for repairs, you can breathe easy knowing that the repaired part will fit your vehicle perfectly, and will not require programming at your local dealership.

We Offer Complete Satisfaction

MyAirbags is here to provide the best results! Our Repair and Return services are tailored to provide you peace of mind and pride in knowing that you took the right steps to save time and money. We strive to get the job done right, and offer:

  • Effortless services — Simply pull your part, ship it to us, and you’re set! Our airbag resets are fast and painless.

  • Fast turnaround times — Once we receive your part, our technicians will get to work testing and repairing as needed. You can expect your repaired or reset component in the mail within 24 hours of us receiving it.

  • Complete warranty coverage — If your airbag module does not work or your seat belt fails, we want to make things right! MyAirbags offers a one-year warranty on all products and services.

  • Eco-friendly advantages — Minimize waste and avoid new products when the old ones are just as good, reducing pollution and the strain on our landfills.

  • Guaranteed repairs — If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we will send your money back.

Top-Rated Affordable Airbag Module Resets

If your vehicle was in an accident, you hit a big pothole, or any other scenario, then you may be seeing the airbag light in your console. The computer in your airbag module will store the data of the impact and require a reset in order to continue functioning correctly. Instead of taking your airbag module to a dealership, you can elect to ship the part to us for fast, affordable repairs.

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