If your vehicle was in an accident, a collision, or you hit a curb or a pothole and the airbag light turned on, then the airbag control module will need to be reset. When you send your airbag module to MyAirbags, we reset all fault codes and check to ensure that there are no other problems with the module.

If your vehicle was in an accident then it will store crash data in the airbag control module. Dealership and scan tools cannot clear crash data that is stored in the airbag control module. Dealership will tell you that the airbag control module is just one time use and needs to be replaced after an accident. MyAirbags can clear crash data and crash codes and airbag control can be used again. Most of the time you will have crash codes letting you know the module is bad. However, sometimes the module will not have any codes and it is still because the airbag control module is locked and needs to be reset to clear crash data. The process is easy, send your airbag control module to MyAirbags and it takes just one day to reset it.

Our service will save you hundreds and carries a 100 percent, money-back guarantee. Your original module is reset and will not need to be coded to your vehicle VIN, since it is original and came out of your vehicle.

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