Airbag Reset for DODGE B2500 2017

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“My airbag light is on.” MyAirbags can resolve this critical safety issue while saving you time and money. Like the black box in an airplane, an SRS airbag module stores crash data and fault codes until the device is either replaced or reset. Replacement units are expensive and require time-consuming VIN encoding.

The industry leader, MyAirbags proprietary reset process ensures that 100% of all crash data and codes are cleared, then validates each unit to ensure that there are no electronics issues. Best of all, our 100% plug N play service is guaranteed to retain your vehicle’s VIN data.

Dealership and scan tools cannot clear crash data that is stored in the airbag control module. Dealership will tell you that the airbag control module is just one time use and needs to be replaced after an accident. MyAirbags can clear crash data and crash codes and airbag control can be used again.

MyAirbags has serviced more than 430,000 airbag modules since 2006 and is the only company that can service all SRS related technology including seat belt pretensioners, pyro fuses, steering column sensors, active headrests, active rollover bars and more.

Our service will save you hundreds and carries a 100 percent, money-back guarantee.

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