Airbag Clockspring Plugs (Type6)

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Pair of AirBag CLOCKSPRING Plugs Type 6 – Replace old melted, damaged clockspring connector plugs with new plugs. Just cut your old melted plugs and connect or solder our new plugs. It’s that easy! Use the easy “FILTER BY VEHICLE” to determine the correct plug for your vehicle’s Make, Year & Model. 


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Airbag, Seat Belt Plugs – Clockspring Plugs (Type 6)

If your steering wheel airbag deployed it will usually melt the clockspring plug connectors that is behind the airbag.  Dealerships don’t sell just the plug end connectors but will sell you the entire clockspring costing you hundreds of dollars.

MyAirbags has your solution, we have new clockspring connector plugs that are easy to install.

As easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Just cut your old melted plugs and
  2. connect or solder our new plugs.
  3. It is that easy.


There are different types of clockspring plug connectors (also known as airbag clockspring connector plugs, airbag plugs, clockspring plugs, clockspring connectors).  Be sure to look up your vehicle to see what plugs will work for you.

We’ve provided a “Filter By Vehicle” Tool to ensure you easily find the correct plugs for your vehicle repair needs.   


Select the FILTER BY VEHICLE Link below and find the correct plugs:

Clockspring Plug Fitment
To find the right clockspring plug connector for your vehicle use this link

To find the right clockspring plug connector for your vehicle use the above link and:

  1. Select your vehicle Make
  2. Select your vehicle Model
  3. Select your vehicle Year
  4. Press the Orange Filter Button


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