Airbag Module Reset Service

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If your vehicle was in an accident then you can send your airbag control module. It will be reset to its original factory condition and sent back to you within 24 hours. When you send your original module for reset it will be 99% plug-n-play when you get it back. In rare cases if there are hardware issues or when it needs to be programmed as new, it may require calibration/programming to be done when the module is back in the vehicle. Our service is 100% guaranteed or your money back. Order today and save!

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This is a service for Airbag Module Reset after your vehicle was in accident

  • Airbag Light on?
  • Airbags deployed?
  • Diagnostic Tool reads “crash data stored” ?
  • Dealership tells you that you need a new module ?

Was your vehicle in an accident? If you answered, “Yes,” then send your module for the needed airbag module reset. Even small accidents trigger electronic codes about the accident in the airbag module.  These codes are subsequently stored in the module.  Our services reset your Airbag Light and clear any and all crash codes inside your Airbag Control Module. With our Airbag Module reset, there are no codes, and therefore no Airbag Light trigger.  Do you hate Warning Lights? If you answered, “Yes,” with our service your vehicle’s Airbag Light turns off. Stop buying used or new Airbag Modules  and send to us yours for reset.  Most importantly, our Airbag Module reset service electronically registers the module to your vehicle’s VIN.  If, however, you buy a new Airbag Module from the dealership, they must program your vehicle’s VIN which is costly and takes more time. That’s why it’s best to reset your original Airbag Module with MyAirbags!  You’ll save time & money and avoid costly reprogramming and delays at the dealership. We guarantee our services 100% or refund your money back.

Airbag Control Modules have other common names:

  • Airbag Module
  • SRS Airbag Control Module
  • Airbag ECU (Electronic Crash Unit)
  • Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM)
  • Airbag Multiple Restraint System (MRS)
  • Airbag Control Module (ACM)
  • Restraint Control Module (RCM)
  • Sensing Diagnostic Module (SDM)
  • SRS Control Module (SRSCM)
  • Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)
  • SAS Unit (Sophisticated Airbag Sensor) Module
  • Event Data Recorder (EDR)

Airbag Lights turn on in vehicles after an accident:

Airbag Module Reset Services is the right solution for this problem because vehicular accidents trigger the Airbag Light.  Similarly, these Airbag Modules store accident information and also  can trigger the seat belts to lock. This condition requires a Airbag Module reset. Besides this, if the seatbelts locked up that will require repair (see Seat Belt Repair). If your vehicle was not in an accident, there are a many other reasons why your vehicle’s airbag light turns on. Our skilled technicians at MyAirbags provide high-quality Airbag Module Reset services for customers nationwide.

Airbag Light turns on but the vehicle was not in an accident:

Please see the FAQ Section.

How it works

SRS Airbag control module needs to be reset  if your vehicle was in an accident and the airbag light is on. This is a Reset and Return service of your existing Airbag Control Module. You will need to remove and send your module to us for reset. We reset all fault codes. After you receive the module from us you will not have to take it to the dealer for any additional programming. However, if your vehicle was not in an accident, there are a variety of reasons why your vehicle’s airbag light may turn on.

Also, check your seat belts to see if they are locked, stuck, loose or do not retract. If they are then they will need to be replaced or rebuilt. We do rebuild seat belts starting at $75. Click here for more info on what needs to done after an accident.

Our service is 100% guaranteed or money back.

  1. Carefully remove your part from your vehicle. Please see our removal instructions, if you are not sure how to remove it or take it your local body shop.
  2. Securely pack your part, using the correct box so that your part cannot be damaged in transit. Take special care when packing.  Include: Name, Return Address, Phone Number
  3. Once we receive your part, we will repair it and ship it back to you within 24 hours.

Module Location Lookup (click here)

  • Under the Radio on the Floor
  • Under the Center Console
  • Under Front Driver Seat, on the floor, under the carpet
  • Under Front Passenger Seat, on the floor, under the carpet


Video: How to remove airbag control module


Click here to see videos for other vehicles

Steps to remove airbag control module

  1. First, find the SRS computer module. In most cars, it is under the center console that is between the two front seats, or center of the dash on the floor. In most GM cars it is under the driver or passenger seat.
  2. Disconnect the positive battery cable and wait 3 min.
  3. You are now safe to unplug the airbag control module harness wiring plugs.

Steps to install airbag control module

  1. All airbag srs components must be installed and connected properly before installing the airbag control module. This includes air bags, seat belts, clock spring and impact sensors.
  2. Disconnect the battery and bolt down the module and then connect the harness wiring plugs.
  3. Wait 3 minutes before installing the airbag module in the vehicle.
  4. Bolt down module with all bolts and then connect harness plugs. (if not then, could deploy roof airbags and seat belts)
  5. The vehicle needs to be flat on the ground. Not elevated on a jack or lift. (if not then, could deploy roof airbags and seat belts)
  6. Reconnect battery cables.

*Disclaimer: The buyer assumes all risks associated with removing, installing, and usage of a re-manufactured part(s).

FAQs  about Airbag Light

1. Why is Airbag Light On?

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Common Customer Questions:

  • It just turned on
  • The light randomly came on
  • My vehicle was in an accident

If you know your vehicle was in an accident, then MyAirbags can absolutely help you and reset your airbag module. We provide Reset & Return service to reset airbag control modules. If your vehicle was in an accident, we recommend that you send your original module to us for reset to avoid additional trip to the dealer for coding. Most of the late model cars will have partial VIN stored in the airbag control module. If your vehicle has NOT been involved in an accident.

  1. We recommend that you have your vehicle scanned by a body shop to see what code you have.
  2. If they tell you that the airbag module is bad and not because of an accident then we do provide replacement srs airbag control modules.
  3. We recommend that you use the part number that is on top of your module to locate replacement module. When you purchase a used or new airbag control module it may need to be programmed/configured to your vehicle.
  4. Search our OEM SRS Airbag Modules Ready To Ship

2. Why Did the Airbag Light Just Turn On One Day?

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If the airbag light in your vehicle just turned on without an accident, there may be an issue with the airbag system computer, or there may be a bad component within the airbag system. If your vehicle has NOT been involved in an accident, we recommend you watch the accompanying tips and tech video and have your module scanned by a body shop tech before mailing your airbag module to us.

Some important things you should know:

  1. Install airbag control module last, after all repairs are done. All airbags, impact sensors, seat belts and other SRS components must be installed and connected properly.
  2. The reset SRS airbag control module must go back into the same vehicle that it came out of. Airbag control modules are programmed to vehicle VIN number. If module is not original then you may need to have additional programming done on the vehicle to initialize/calibrate the module to the vehicle.
  3. Install all Airbag SRS components (except the module itself) and reconnect them properly first. SRS Installation components include: airbags, all seat belts, the clock spring, impact sensors and fuses.
  4. Disconnect vehicle battery terminals
  5. Once the battery is disconnected, airbag control module MUST BE securely reinstalled and bolted down tightly with all bolts.  “Securely” is defined here as completely fastened i.e. with the use of tools: wrench, ratchet wrench or torque wrench (key is: beyond hand threaded).
  6. Lastly, connect the wiring harness plugs to the airbag control module and reconnect the battery.

If the vehicle hasn’t been in an accident and the airbag light turns on it usually means there is a connection issue with the seat belt, the airbag, or the impact sensor, or that one of these components needs to be replaced.

3. Should I Send the Airbag Module for Reset or Buy Used?

  1. ï»żï»ż

Our certified technicians at MyAirbags recommend resetting your vehicle’s airbag module if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. Resetting the airbag module diminishes the need for any additional programming, and when properly installed into a working system, the airbag light will turn off. When you get the module back from us it is factory reset and is exactly like new and is a good module, free from all hard codes and soft codes. If your airbag light is still on after reinstalling correctly, then there is a problem with one of the connections or bad airbags, seat belts, clock spring and/or impact sensors and there would be a soft code stored in the module identifying the issue. Check that all SRS components and connections are good. Also, if you have purchased used parts then make sure that they were not from a flood vehicle.  To summarize: if you still have an airbag light on after receiving ours and following the rules for correct installation, then there are additional problems that only a body shop tech can address—it is not an airbag module problem.

4. Does MyAirbags Sell Replacement Airbag Modules?

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MyAirbags does sell replacement airbag computer modules. 

  1. We recommend that you use the part number that is on top of your module to locate replacement module. When you purchase a used or new airbag control module it may need to be programmed/configured to your vehicle.
  2. Search our OEM SRS Airbag Modules Ready To Ship

When calling to order a replacement airbag computer module, please be prepared to give our customer service tech representatives the original module part number. Once we have the original module part number, we will be able to verify if we have the module in stock to sell you a replacement airbag computer module.

5. What if I’ve Already Purchased a New or Used Airbag Module Replacement?

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We advise our customers to compare the part numbers of their replacement airbag computer module to the vehicle’s original module; if the part numbers do no match, it is unlikely that the airbag module will work in the vehicle. Also, remember: the airbag module MUST BE FOR THE SAME VEHICLE IT CAME FROM.  If for instance, the module is for a 2008 Honda Accord, the replacement must be for 2008 Honda Accord. Once the replacement airbag module has been correctly installed in the vehicle the airbag light may still turn on. Again, for the reasons detailed above, you need to verify that you have followed the correct steps and that other parts were not from a flood damaged vehicle.  However, if you have done everything else successfully, the airbag module may need to be reprogrammed for the specific VIN of your car by that manufacturer’s dealership.  This is why we always recommend that customers send in their original modules from their vehicles.  Each module is coded for the VIN of the automobile it is in.

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