Custom Colored Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

  • 1 working day rebuild
  • We use 100% OEM parts
  • Won’t fade in the sun
  • Made in USA
  • Our service is 100% guaranteed or your money back
  • Order today and save!
SRT - Color Code 70420
Euro Stripe - Color Code 70430
Red Edge - Color Code 70330
Dark Red Edge - Color Code 70320
Yellow Edge - Color Code 70310
Light Gray Edge - Color Code 70340
M Series - Color Code 70300
M Series Bold - Color Code 70290
A55 Camo - Color Code 70350
GG Green & Yellow - Color Code: 70440
GTI Plaid - Color Code: 70460
LV Black & Gray - Color Code: 70450
USA Flag - Color Code: 70470
AMG - Color Code: 70510
BMW M Performance - Color Code: 70490
Hellcat - Color Code: 70480
S Line - Color Code: 70520
Bronze - Color Code 70160
Sterling - Color Code 70380
Dark Gray - Color Code 70250
Gray - Color Code 70230
Silver - Color Code 70220
Hot Pink - Color Code 70140
Crimson - Color Code 70360
Flame Red - Color Code 70050
Torch - Color Code 70530
Red Velvet - Color Code 70040
Dark Red - Color Code 70030
Red Wine - Color Code 70020
Maroon - Color Code 70010
Orange - Color Code 70060
Medallion - Color Code 70370
Yellow - Color Code 70070
Purple - Color Code 70130
Cobalt - Color Code 70110
Powder Blue - Color Code 70120
Pure White - Color Code 70390
Silver Trace - Color Code 70400
Ivory - Color Code 70210
Creme - Color Code 70200
Tan - Color Code 70180
Beige - Color Code 70170
Sandstone - Color Code 70190
Brown - Color Code 70150
5 Panel Black - Color Code 70280
Charcoal - Color Code 70240
Black Twill - Color Code 70270
Black - Color Code 70260
Neon Green - Color Code 60010
Lime Green - Color Code 70080
Army Green - Color Code 70100
Olive - Color Code 70090
Dark Forest - Color Code 70410


Custom Color Seat Belt Webbing

  • You will be very happy with your new seat belt color upgrade!
  • This is a satisfying visual upgrade to your interior that you will get to see and enjoy every day!
  • Many customers even said it was one of the most satisfying upgrades they have done to their cars.
  • Our seat belt webbings are made here in the USA!

Available in 40+ Colors

The color on your display screen may vary from actual seat belt webbing color depending on your monitor settings. We strive to match colors as accurately as possible but if you have any concerns, you can request a color swatch of our webbing material before placing an order.

Proudly Made in America

All of our webbing is made and assembled with the pretensioner in the USA. In addition to benefiting the local economy, there are other benefits to using our seat belt services. Many other companies will purchase seat belts that are made in China because the cost may be lower. The problem with this is that most Chinese belts do not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). The color of seat belts made in China often are not an exact match to your vehicle.

Combination AMG.jpg    Combination BMW Motorsport.jpg    Combination Hellcat.jpg

Combination Dark Red Edge.jpg    Combination Euro Stripe.jpg    Combination SRT.jpg  

Combination GTI Plaid.jpg    Combination LV Black Gray.jpg    Combination USA.jpg

Combination M Performance.jpg    Combination M Series Bold.jpg    Combination S Line.jpg

Video How To Remove/Install Seat Belt Pretensioner

MyAirbags Red Seat Belt Webbing Replacement
MyAirbags Yellow Seat Belt Webbing Replacement
MyAirbags Blue Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

How it works

Our services are an alternative to expensive dealership part replacement and save you hundreds! Our service is 100% guaranteed or money back.

  1. Carefully remove your part from your vehicle. Please see our removal instructions, if you are not sure how to remove it or take it your local body shop.
  2. Securely pack your part, using the correct box so that your part cannot be damaged in transit. Take special care when packing.
  3. Add item to shopping cart and check out. You will need to print out order confirmation page and include it with your parts.
  4. Inside the package include: Your Name, Return Address, Phone Number.

We Save You Money is More Than Just Airbags Modules, Seat Belts, SRS Safety Devices, & Battery Pyro Fuse Repair.


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