is proud to provide quality re-manufactured parts for a variety of common car problems, including faulty ABS modules, climate control modules, and more. Our IPC certified technicians provide innovative repairs, which are tested against the highest standard of quality. Listed below is a selection of the re-manufactured part services available to customers from across the United States and beyond:

Airbag Module Reset

If you’ve recently been in an accident in which your airbag deployed, the airbag module will need to be reset or replaced. Our team offers airbag module reset services at a fraction of the dealership price.

Seat Belt Repair

Our team of certified technicians rebuild locked, frayed, torn, cut seat belt pretensioners and retractors.

ABS Module Repair

If you notice that your ABS light is on, your ABS pump is always running, or your ABS experiences occasional power loss, our certified technicians can help. provides quality service for faulty ABS modules, ensuring that you and your family remain safe on the road.

Instrument Cluster Repair

When the instrument lights on your dashboard begin to flicker, or the speedometer doesn’t display an accurate speed, it’s time to send your instrument cluster in for quality repairs. provides high quality re-manufactured instrument cluster services for less than a dealership might charge.

ECU, TCM, PCM Repair

Our IPC-certified technicians re-manufacture defective ECUs. If your engine stalls, loses power, shifts improperly, or has trouble starting, our technicians can rebuild your ECU for less than the dealership price.

Climate Control Module Repair

If your climate control unit display is dark or loses power, you may need to send your climate control module for repairs. Our technicians provide quick, reliable repairs for faulty climate control modules.

LCM: Light Control Module re-manufactures LCM units for both national and local customers. If you notice that your headlights flicker or don’t turn on or your turn signals don’t work, send your LCM to our facility for repairs.


To learn more about our convenient repair & return service, please call (678) 778-8890, or fill out our online contact form.