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Brad Whitener
14:18 05 Feb 18
Great company to deal with. Great customer service. Have used them on more than one occasion and am satisfied every time.
Keith Lunsford
15:19 03 Feb 18
Recommended by a friend. I'm glad I did it! I took my dash out on Saturday evening and to Kinko's Sunday to be delivered Tuesday. I received an email from MyAirbags that it was delivered on Tuesday and and email that it was done and heading back to me on Wednesday. I had it back in my truck Saturday afternoon. The whole process took 8 days. I opted for the upgraded blue LED lights and it looks fantastic! Highly recommended!
Paxton Bell
11:49 02 Feb 18
I had an accident at the end of October where the airbags deployed. I decided to repair the vehicle myself. Everything I read told me I had to take it to the body shop or dealer. They said the job would take between three and four hours. Then I was doing some research one day and came across my airbags. I decided to call them. The lady who answered the phone was so knowledgeable. Instead of spending almost four hours at a body shop I spent less than $100.00 great deal in my opinion.
Steve Speltz
19:11 30 Jan 18
Great team to work with, excellent communication. Had an airbag module repaired. They were able to repair the module and ship it back out the same day as it was received at MyAirbags. Module worked prefect airbag warning light issue resolved. Thank you.
T NHouston
22:16 29 Jan 18
My ABS and emergency light were lit on my 2007 F150. I took it to a nearby mechanic to pull the codes and give me a quote. The place I took it to wanted $2,354.00!!!! I called around and one honest mechanic told me to look for a place that will refurbish the ECU. A quick google search turned up MyAirbags. I uninstalled the ABS ECU shipped it to MyAirbags. The promptly repaired and mailed back my ABS ECU, which I re- installed. Error gone. Thanks MyAirbags, you saved me a bundle!
Erik Friedrich
18:24 26 Jan 18
Car got flooded and destroyed the air bag controller. Mechanic wanted $1100 for new module. Found one here for $69.00 rebuilt with warrantee. As the car is older, if figured I try it. Seller had great communication and great shipment tracking. Module arrived, installed and all is good. Will definitely use these guys again should the need arise.
Precise Auto Body And Frame
18:19 24 Jan 18
I have used this company a couple times and they are great! Fast turn around and when I contacted them I had a quick response. Thank you!
Shakendria Duncan
20:21 16 Jan 18
If your car was in an accident and the air bags are deployed the only way to get rid of air bag light is to repair or replace the air bag module. Replace for a couple of hundred or ship your air bag module off to myairbags for about 80 bucks. Quick, affordable and done right..what more can I say.
Nibal Saab
14:52 13 Jan 18
Great company, best service and very reasonable prices with fast turnaround. They save me hundreds of dollars on each part they fix or reset or rebuild for me. Thanks Myairbags Team 👍👍👍
Kay Donato
18:26 02 Jan 18
I was looking at the choice of having to either pay $1000-$2100 for a new ABS Control Module or buy a new car, neither of which I could afford. In short, I googled my question and MyAirbags came up. Turns out they will fix your current ABS Module and ship it back to you. All I had to do was ask a local mechanic to install it. Repair of the part was $150, express shipping was $50, and the installation fee was $50. And utilizing the original ABS Module means it doesn't have to be coded since it came out of my car. Now I'm out only $250 instead of the $2400 the Toyota place wanted to charge me to fix it. Or the $29,000 a used Toyota would have costed me. And the part works perfectly! I highly recommend MyAirbags services.


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