Why Didn’t Airbag Deploy?

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It is commonly known that a vehicle’s airbag system is designed to protect passengers in the event of an accident. What many are unaware of is that airbag deployment differs depending on what kind of vehicle is involved, as well as what the nature of the accident is. The vehicle component that is responsible for the critical decision on when and which airbags are deployed is known as the Airbag Control Module (ACM). The ACM is the computer module that receives motion data from the vehicle’s accelerometers and proceeds to deploy the necessary airbags. It is because of the ACM that people may wonder why only some of their vehicle’s airbags deploy in an accident, while the others do not.

How does your vehicle know when to blow/deploy the airbags?

A vehicle’s (ACM) airbag control module communicates with the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) in regards to which airbag should be deployed and when. This is an important safety function because, although an airbag is intended to prevent injury and death, airbags do carry risks of their own when deployed. When an airbag goes off, it is deployed at such an incredible speed that they have been known to cause fractures, bruises, and burns to the passengers. While these are minor compared to the consequences that could result from a serious accident, it is important to make sure that these injuries are not obtained by the passengers unless absolutely necessary. Therefore, it is the ACM’s job to ensure that the airbags are only deployed if the injuries induced by the collision would be worse than the potential airbag injuries. In regards to the common question of why all airbags are not deployed for each accident, this is also the doing of the ACM. The airbag control module detects the nature of the collision to determine if every airbag needs to be deployed. In other words, if the vehicle is in a collision and only the driver is in the car, it would not be necessary to have the passenger airbag deployed, as well.

Another factor to consider in the significance that the (ACM) airbag control module has is in regard to the expense of an airbag replacement. Since the average airbag costs about $1,000 each, it is critical to ensure that the airbag is only deployed when it has to. If an airbag goes off for a car seat that is not occupied, it will still require a replacement, since an airbag is only designed to work once. This “false alarm” will result in overwhelming and unnecessary expenses. This is why it is crucial that the ACM airbag control module is designed with the intelligence to accurately determine the situations in which the airbags must be deployed, as well as the specific airbags that are required to keep every passenger safe.

Can airbag control module be reset?

Since airbag systems are one of the most important safety features of a vehicle, knowing when to have your airbag modules inspected or replaced is crucial. Explore the airbag module reset and seat belt repair services that MyAirbags offers to ensure that your vehicle is running properly. When you purchase a new (ACM) airbag control module then it will need to be additionally programmed to your vehicle. The best part about using MyAirbags is that when you send your original (ACM) airbag control module for reset then when it returns it will be plug-n-play. No additional trip to the dealer, because your original airbag control module is already programmed to your vehicle and when it returns it will be ready to re-install back in your vehicle.

Can seat belts be repaired?

Seat belts will lock after an accident and have ignitor sensor inside each seat belt. These seat belts will need to be replaced and usually cost around $300 – $450 per seat belt. Good news is that MyAirbags can rebuild your seat belts saving you hundreds of dollars per seat belts. Send your seat belts to MyAirbags and save, if your seat belts are locked, stuck, ripped, torn or just dont work as they should.

MyAirbags is an alternative to expensive dealership part replacement, committed to saving you hundreds and keeping you on the road safely. MyAirbags is proud to restore your malfunctioning part back to its original OEM condition, 100% guaranteed.

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