How it works: Airbag Module Reset

Airbag Light On?

  • airbags deployed
  • diagnostic tool reads “crash data stored”
  • dealership tells you that you have a bad module

Airbag Module reset is $49

Dealership told you that you need a new module?

We reset all fault codes. After you receive the module from us you will not have to take it to the dealership for additional programming.

All airbag control modules can be reset and reprogrammed, except modules from a flood, fire or those with hardware damage.

Even after small accident, fault codes will be stored in the module which will turn on the Airbag Light.

Airbag control modules store hard and soft codes caused by accidents.

Hard and Soft Codes, also known as “crash codes” are stored in the airbag control module are usually the reason why the Airbag Light turns on.

We reset and clear all crash codes inside the computer module which will ordinarily turn off the Airbag Light.

Airbag Module Reset & Return (Like New, Only Better)

Your original module will be reset and will not need to be coded to your vehicle VIN, since it is original and came out of your vehicle.

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Seat Belt Locked too? Seat Belt Repairs start at $75

IMPORTANT: If your car has been in an accident the seat belts usually lock up too.

  • Locked seat belt pretensioners must be reset.
  • The Airbag Light will stay on if locked seat belt pretensioners (belts and buckles) are not reset as well.
  • MyAirbags offers the service that resets your locked seat belts.

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Airbag control modules have many common names.  They are also referred to as an:

  • Airbag Module
  • Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) Module
  • Airbag ECU (Electronic Crash Unit)
  • Airbag Control Module (ACM)
  • Restraint Control Module (RCM)
  • Sensing Diagnostic Module (SDM)
  • SRS Control Module (SRSCM)
  • Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)
  • SAS Unit (Sophisticated Airbag Sensor) Module
  • Event Data Recorder (EDR)

The SRS Airbag control module must be reset if your vehicle was in an accident and the airbag light is on. If, however, your vehicle was not in an accident, there are a variety of reasons why your vehicle’s airbag light may turn on.  Our skilled technicians at MyAirbags provide high quality airbag module reset services for customers nationwide. Listed below are the top 5 questions and answers our technicians hear when a vehicle’s airbag light is on.

Top 5 Questions & Comments about Airbag Lights:

1. Why is my Airbag Light On?

Common Customer Answers:

  • It just turned on
  • The light randomly came on
  • My vehicle was in an accident

Your vehicle was in an accident:

Accidents cause the airbag light to turn on and additionally stores “Crash Codes” (Hard and Soft Codes) in the module that requires code clearing.  Furthermore, seat belts normally lock up and require resetting.

MyAirbags is committed to help you reset your airbag module and seat belts. We provide a Reset & Return service to reset airbag control modules. This is a Reset and Return service of your existing Airbag Module. This requires that you remove and send your module to us for reset. We reset ALL fault codes. After you receive the module from us you will not have to take it to the dealer for any additional programming. All airbag control modules can be reset and reprogrammed, except if the vehicle was in a flood, fire or has hardware damage.

If your vehicle was in an accident, we recommend that you send your original module to us for reset.  This will save you 100s of dollars and will help you avoid an unnecessary trip to the dealer for recoding. Most of the late model cars will have partial VIN stored in the airbag control module.

If your vehicle has NOT been involved in an accident.  Please refer to the following article.

2. Why Did the Airbag Light Randomly Turn On One Day?

If the airbag light in your vehicle randomly turned on without being in an accident, there may be an issue with the airbag system computer.   There may also be connection issues between components or faulty components within the airbag system such as a faulty:

  • seat belt,
  • airbag,
  • impact sensor, (this issue will show up on when scanned)
  • This may indicate the need to replace one or more of these components.

In this particular situation, we recommend you watch the accompanying tips and tech video and have your module scanned by a body shop technician before mailing your airbag module to us.

After watching this video and having a body shop tech scan your module, you may discover that there is a fault in the airbag module. If that is the case, we recommend sending the airbag module to our metro Atlanta  facility.  Our IPC-Certified repair technicians will quickly restore your airbag module to its original factory settings and get you on the road fast!

Once we return your module back to you, you must follow these critically important steps:

    • Airbag modules are matched to a specific car, like an address.
    • Each airbag module is matched with (all or part of ) the vehicle VIN.
    • Unmatched Modules will usually cause the Airbag Light to illuminate.
  2. Complete all other repairs first.
  3. Install ALL Airbag SRS components (except the module itself) and reconnect them properly.
    • SRS Installation components include:
    • Airbags, all seat belts, the clock spring, impact sensors and fuses.
  4. Disconnect your vehicle battery prior to reconnecting your module.
    • IMPORTANT: Failure to follow this step usually results in permanent damage to the airbag module.
  5. Once the battery is disconnected, reinstall your module and securely tighten the bolts down.
    • “Securely” is defined here as completely fastened i.e. bots are tightened securely with the use of proper tools: wrench, ratchet wrench or torque wrench
    • When we say “securely” we mean that it must be completely fastened with the use of all necessary tools, for example, a wrench, a ratchet wrench, or a torque wrench.
    • Key here is: FINGER-TIGHT is NOT good enough.
    • IMPORTANT: Failure to tighten the SRS module securely will result in faults and will likely cause the Airbag Light to turn on.
  6. Lastly, connect the wiring harness plugs to the airbag module and reconnect the battery.

3. Should I Send My Module for Reset or Buy Used?

Our certified technicians at MyAirbags recommend resetting your vehicle’s airbag module if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. Reset airbag modules eliminate the need for any additional programming, and, when properly install the module back in your vehicle, the airbag light will turn off.

Your repaired and returned airbag modules are “factory reset” and as good as new.  The module is free from all hard codes and soft codes.

If your airbag light is still on after reinstalling it back in the vehicle properly, there is most likely a problem with one of the connections or one of the following components are bad:

  • Airbags
  • Seat belts
  • Clock spring
  • Impact sensors.  Stored soft codes will reveal this damage or fault to the impact sensor.  A technician will see this indication during the scan.

Ensure that all SRS components and connections are good.  Also, ensure that all purchased components are not taken from a flood vehicle.

In Conclusion: if you still have an airbag light on after receiving your repair service from MyAirbags, and have properly followed the proper procedures for correct installation, then there are additional problems that only a body shop technician is capable of addressing.

4. Does MyAirbags Sell Module Replacements?

MyAirbags does sell replacement airbag computer modules

In order to properly locate a replacement module refer to the part number that is on top of your module. 

NOTE: All used or new airbag control modules require programming or configuration to the specific VIN of your vehicle.

You can quickly search for your replacement module in our database here: OEM SRS Airbag Modules Ready To Ship.

Conversely, you can also call us about your replacement airbag computer module.  If this is your preference, please have the original Part Number ready to give our customer service representatives.  Once we have the original module part number, we will be able to quickly verify if we have the required replacement airbag computer module.

5. What if I’ve Already Purchased a New or Used SRS Control Module Replacement?

We advise our customers to compare the part numbers of their replacement airbag computer module to their vehicle’s original module. If the part numbers do no match, it is unlikely that the airbag module will work in the vehicle.

It is important to remember: the airbag module must be for the same vehicle that it came from.  For example, if the bad module is from a 2008 Honda Accord, the replacement must be for the same vehicle: the 2008 Honda Accord.  The airbag module part number from the original and the replacement must match. Even then, there is still a probability that the airbag light will still turn on.

IMPORTANT: you must follow the correct steps, previously detailed above in the “Critically Important Steps” found in #2 above.  All other repair parts should verified to not come from a flood damaged vehicle.  If, however, you have done everything else successfully, the airbag module may need to be reprogrammed for the specific VIN of your car by that manufacturer’s dealership.  It is for this reason, that MyAirbags always recommend that customers send in their original modules from their vehicles for resetEach module requires the VIN code for the VIN of the automobile it is in.

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